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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rihanna's casual street style

This post is based on Rihanna's street style. So I was searching up her street style on internet and this is the best casual look I have found:
It's really nice and simple.
Here are items we used in Stardoll version of Rihanna's street style:
And here's how it looks in Stardoll version:
What do you think? Comment below!

'Till next time, Ana.

Catch up with Nicki's unique's!

So for this post I decided to choose Nicki Minaj.
Here is her's unique street style:
It's not an outfit you can expect in everyday life, but still..
Here are items I used to make Stardoll version outfit:
And here's how Stardoll life version looks:
Well, what you think? Comment below!

'Till next next time, Ana.

Catch Peyton List's pretty style!

So as I cought up on Stardoll today, it's a new doll for superstars, Peyton List!

And I was searching up her street style and this is what I found:
So cute, isn't it!?
So I decided to make stardoll version of this cute street style.
These are items I used:
And this is how Stardoll version looks:
What do you think? Comment below..
Till' next time


Friday, 3 August 2012

Casuality of Emma Stone's street style..

So here we'll get that Emma Stone's style.
Here is what Emma is wearing:
This is what items I used:

Here is what our stardoll version looks like:
(me-doll not included)

Well what you think? Comment below..

Catch that Selena style!

So here is my first post. Well track down Selena's street look.
Here's Selena's look:
Items we used:

Here is how it looks:

What do you think? Comment below..

Hello :P

I am glad that I've made this blog because I feel really positive about it.
This blog will talk about clothes and fashion which I will alive from streets to stardoll.
Enjoy your stay! :)